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At the Airport Italian Phrase Book         

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What time does it leave? = A che ora parte? [Ah keh ohrah pahrteh?]

What is the flight number? = Qual e il numero del volo? [Kwahleh eel noomeh-roh dehl vohloh?]

From what gate does the plane leave? = Da che uscita parte il volo? [Dah keh oo-shee-tah pahr-teh eel voloh?]

What is the arrival time? = A che ora si arriva? [Ah keh ohrah see ahrreevah?]

I'm staying at the ...Hotel = Allogio all'hotel... [Ahllohjoh ahllohtehl...]

I'm on vacation/holiday = Sono in vacanza [Sohno een vahhhantsa]

I have nothing to declare = Non ho niente da dichiarare [Nohn oh nyehnteh dah dee-kyah-rah-reh]

Do I have to pay duty? = Devo pagare la dogana? [Dehvoh pah-gah-reh lah dohganah?]

I need a luggage trolley = Ho bisogno di un carello [Oh beezonyoh dee oon kahr-rehllo]

Do you know where the information desk is? = Sa dov'e l'ufficio informacioni? [Sah doh-veh looffee-choh een-fohr-mah-tsyohnee]

The lost baggage office = L'ufficio oggetti smarriti [Looffee-choh ohdjehttee smahr-ree-tee]

The taxi stand = Il posteggio dei taxi [Eel po-steh-joh day tahksee]