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Molly Malone Irish Pub, Via dell?Arco di San Calisto, 17 (Trastevere)

H. 8pm-1.30 pm - Closed Monday. Admission with pass (free). Small pub in wood; counter service, ?la Anglo-Saxon.Guinness and Harp on tap.

The Mull of Kintyre, Via dei Valeri, 17

H. 7pm-2 am. Friday and Saturday until 3 am. Scottish pub, one of the oldest in Rome (opened in 1988). Tap beers include McEvan?s Lager, Export, Scotch Ale, Excellent selection of Scotch whiskey. From October to May, live Irish and Scotch music is featured.

Ned Kelly Pub, Via delle Coppelle, 13

H.12.30-3 pm (Mon-Fri)/6.30 pm-2 am (every day). Informal, favorite spot for foreigners. Vegetarian sandwiches for lunch. Discounts for students from the nearby American College.

Club Obi Wan, Vicolo Margana, 14

H. 7pm-2am, sat and Sun 5pm-3am - Closed Tuesday. Pub with table games and computers. Internet also available.

Old Castle, Via Portuense, 299

H. 8pm-1am - Fri and Sat until 2.30am. Decorated in wood and wrought iron, the pub has the feeling of - you guessed it - an old castle. Tennent?s on tap, food, ice cream and table games. Happy hour from 9-10 p.m.

Old Paddy, Viale delle Milizie, 80

H. 8 p.m.- 2 a.m. Irish pub, decorated in wood. Music of all kinds. Irish stew, salads and more. Beers on tap including Weiss Paulaner, Slalom, Cider.

Robin Hood, Via Cavour

H. 6.30pm-6am - Closed Sun. Pub, pizzeria and cocktail bar. 500 types of bottled and draft beers!

Public house, Via Vanvitelli, 4 (Testaccio)

H. 8.30pm-2am - Closed Tue. The entrance leads to a long and narrow room with a counter and stools. Further along there is a larger room, which is the heart of the establishment. Listening music, tap beers include Guinness and Harp.

The Quill, Via Velletri,26/28

H. 7 p.m. - 2 a.m. - Fri and Sat until 3 a.m. Salads, sandwiches and beer. Twenty different kinds of cocktails and the best Irish whiskey brands. Listening music, including rock, blues and Irish folk.

NB prices are merely indicative and may vary without indication.


06 Club, Via Cassia km 32 Campagnano Romano. Entrance: 17.50 ?

Underground, black music, "Exogroove"nights.

Alibi Via Monte Testaccio, 40/44(Testaccio). Entrance: 5/7.50 ?. Closed on Mon. and Tue.

One of the gay locals of the city. Music of all kinds in a nice atmosphere.

Alien Via Velletri, 13/19 (Trieste). Entrance: 15/20 ? with drink. Closed on Mon.

Underground, garage and New age music.

Black Out Via Saturnia, 18 (San Giovanni) Opened on Thu, Fri. And Sat. Entrance: 8 ?

Rock, "Off Music".

Ciak Dance Via S.Saba, 11/a (Aventino) Entrance: 10/20 ?. Closed on Mon.

Club 84 Via Emilia, 84 (Pinciano) Entrance: 15/20 ? with drink. Closed on Mon.

Disco, piano-bar, revival music of the 60ies and Latin-American music.

Coco Loco Via Folgarella, 54 (Ciampino). Opened on Fri and Sat. Free entrance.

Cyborg Giove (Tr.) Entrance: 13-15 ? with drink. Opened only on Sat.

One of the biggest discos of the city, with music for all tastes.

Follia Via Ovidio, 17 (Prati). Entrance: 10/15 ?. Closed on Mon.

Gilda Via Mario dei Fiori, 97 (Centro Storico) Entrance: 20 ? with drink. Jacket required.

Magic Fly Via Bassanello, 15 (Cassia- Grottarossa). Entrance: 5/15 ?. Closed on Mon. and Sun.

Black and funky music, revival music from the 70ies and the 80ies.

Meglio Soul Via Romagnosi, 11 (Flaminio). Entrance: 15 ?

New Joli Coeur Via Sirte, 5 (Salario). Entrance: 7/10 ?. Opened on Sat.

Notorious Via San Nicola da Tolentino, 22 (Pinciano). Entrance: 15/20 ? with drink. Closed on Mon.

Off Shore Via del Casale Lumbroso, 134 (Fuori Gra). Entrance: 10/15 ?. Closed on Mon., Tue. And Sun.

La Villa Club Aurelia km 32 Via di Ceri, 33. Entrance: 10 ? with drink. Free for women.

NB prices are merely indicative and may vary without indication.


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