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Milan has plenty to offer in terms of great entertainment, culture and art.
Need a little persuasion? The city has the famous Brera Art Gallery and the Cenacolo Museum, which houses artefacts relating to the Leonardo Da Vinci's Last Supper (more of his works can be found in the Science Museum). There are a host of museums spread out all over the city. It would take a long time to explore all of them; the Museum of Science and Technology is a definite must for boffins and future Einsteins, and will take a good two hours to see everything. The Civic Educational Naval Museum and a permanent Criminal and Ancient Arms Exhibition stand close to each other, just in case you are thinking of putting together your own convict ship to get across the channel!

If you only have time to visit the city centre, there are plenty of museums to see, in fact, there is a circuit of five museums known as the 'Museums of the Centre' . These museums cover everything from the Revival period (Museum of the Risorgimento) to contemporary history, stopping at the history of the Milan and the famous Scala opera house along the way. Piazza Duomo itself has the Duomo Museum, filled with tapestries, stained glass and clerical vestments, and the Contemporary Art Museum has an excellent contemporary Italian art section an absolute 'must see!'

Milan is rich with history, close to the centre stands the Sforzesco Castle which has interesting archaeological and numismatic collections, again this can be quite time-consuming, but you can take advantage of the gorgeous park behind to sit and have a picnic before pressing on. There are also two private homes (Palazzo Bagatti Valsecchi and Poldi Pezzoli), perhaps not quite as grand as the Castle but just as interesting; these have been turned into museums and display textiles, furnishings and paintings.

If you prefer art, there are many art galleries here e.g. Ambrosiana Art Gallery, the Modern Art Gallery, and the Contemporary Art Centre, you are bound to find paintings, sculptures and sketches to suit your tastes and you will always find a new exhibition somewhere. You should definitely visit the Pinacoteca in the fashionable Brera area to see works by Mantegna, Raffaello and the wonderful Piero della Francesca.

If you are more interested in the theatre and opera, one name springs to mind&the world-famous Scala, but the city has many other theatres, offering hundreds of shows. The principle theatres include: the traditional S. Babila Theatre, the Piccolo, founded by Strehler, and the Franco Parenti, which has devoted recent seasons to European culture. Milan has also recently rediscovered its passion for ballet, and musicals such as Singing in the Rain, Blues Brothers and the eternal Rocky Horror Show. Many of these are staged at the Nazionale and Smeraldo theatres.

Cinema is also very popular in Milan; the centre is filled with multi-screens, which are always busy. There are also multiplexes on the outskirts (with much better parking facilities than the centre) these cinemas show blockbusters, but there are also many independents that show original language and experimental films, and you can be sure that cinemas such as these have a charm and a d?or all their own!

Milan is a city of music too, if you like classical music, then the Scala is home to a major symphony orchestra. Both the Conservatorio and the Chiostro host lyrical concerts. Jazz and Blues can be heard wafting down the Navigli canal from places such as Scimmie, home to modern jazz, or Capolinea, a place where many jazz legends have played. For the more youthful, there are lots of discotheques, often playing live music, and many of the stadiums outside the city are used for major concerts.

There is a huge amount of choice when it comes to clubs. Thursdays are best at Madame de Sade, Friday is the day to go to Shocking Club and Hollywood is cool any time, any day!

Milan has a lively, dynamic atmosphere day and night. The most crowded and trendiest nightspots are in the Brera, Ticinese and Navigli districts. Most of the fashionable bars are in Ticinese. The Navigli area is considered by some to be slightly retro, but is still adored by many; filled with lots of boho bars, it is just the place to go with a group of friends or in the company of your paramour. Brera is known as Milan's original hotspot; every bar here is fantastic. Glamour oozes from every door and this is a great area for an evening stroll.

Milan is so cosmopolitan that it has something for everyone; you are strongly advised to go and explore this incredible city.

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