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Where can I change some English Sterling? = Dove posso cambiare della sterlina? [Dohveh pohssoh kambyahreh della stairleena?]

How much is the Pound worth today? =
Quanto vale la sterlina oggi? [Kwahntoh vahleh la stairleena ohdjee?]

Is the bank open? =
E aperta la banca? [Eh ah-pehrtah lah bahnkah?]

Is there a currency exchange nearby? =
C'e un ufficio cambio qui vicino? [Cheh oon ooffeechoh kahmbyoh kwee veecheenoh?]

Can I cash these travellers cheques? =
Posso cambiare questi travellers cheques? [Posso kambyare kwestee travellers cheques?]