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Rome's beauty is accessible both day and night and the same is to be said for its vast range of entertainment - theatre, cinema, opera, discos; the list is (almost) endless.

The theatrical season lasts from October to May and it can often continue through the summer months. Most theatres offer a range of plays and productions, but there are a couple of very special exceptions: the Teatro Vittoria, is a comedy paradise, and the Sistina, is the undisputed home of musicals. There are numerous private, experimental and avant-garde theatres often hosting young artists and offering stimulating, thought-provoking works. The Politecnico focuses on contemporary dramatic works and the Abraxa Teatro, is home to an innovative company, who seek to express themselves and their ideas by using their bodies rather than speech. If your tastes are a little more traditional, historic theatres such as Teatro Argentina, Valle and the Nazionale offer high quality performances by famous actors and theatre companies. The Teatro della Cometa and the Teatro Flaiano offer light comedies.

The cinemas in Rome have greatly improved over the past few years. Many new multiplexes have been built and other cinemas have been completely restored. The cinema scene in Rome today is characterized by a fair amount of small, independent cinemas and many large, modern multi-screen cinemas; these multi-screen cinemas are mainly run by two distribution groups (Finivest and Cecchi Gori), and screen almost exclusively commercial films. Some of the better known independent cinemas such as the Greenwich, the Intrastevere, the Pasquino and the Labirinto have recently united to form Circuito Cinema, a society interested in promoting innovative films, created in an attempt to confront the supremacy of the large distribution companies.

Summer is definitely the most romantic time to enjoy a film. Many outdoor cinemas are set up from July to September, and show popular re-releases. The most famous outdoor cinema is Cineporto, near the Olympic Stadium, but the Massenzio is also well-liked; it shows three films every evening all linked by a common theme, be it genre, author, subject, or country of origin.

Live music is popular in Rome. There are an increasing number of places offering live music from Italy, America, England, Africa and South America. The most successful venues are concentrated in certain areas such as the Testaccio quarter, in places like Akab, and Radio Londra. The Trastevere quarter is the home of the historic Big Mama. The Alexanderplatz and Berimbau in Trionfale are also recommended.

Classical music lovers are also catered for, the city has a varied concert season; there is chamber music at the Accademia di Santa Cecilia and the Gonfalone organizes delightful baroque music concerts. The symphony season' at the Teatro dell'Opera takes place in Terme di Caracalla during the summer, but the Associazione Il Tempietto offers concerts throughout the year. The elegantly furnished, imposing Teatro dell'Opera, is the only theatre in Rome, which offers an operatic season of any importance and in summer, opera is performed outdoors in the enchanting Terme di Caracalla or the Piazza di Siena.

Discos are very popular amongst the glamorous Romans; the elegant, formal crowd (politicians, actors and VIPs) like to go to 80s style clubs such as Jackie O' and Alibi. The more serious' clubbers frequent the Locale, which hosts live, new-wave, Roman bands, Frontiera plays trendy music and the no-holds barred Muccassassina night is at the Alpheus club. During the summer months, many discos relocate to the beaches of Fregene and Ostia, and where they go, the people follow!

Discos aren't the only places that are popular at the weekend; pubs, beer gardens, restaurants and bars all teem with life. Many of these locali' perform more than one function e.g. a cocktail bar will sell beer, or allow you to surf the Internet, before you hit the dance floor. Many caf? stay open until late. The most popular and lively caf? are in the splendid Trastevere district, in Via Veneto, and Piazza Navona (e.g. Bar del Fico and Bar della Pace). Wine bars tend to be laid-back, informal and welcoming. These are great places to have a snack while sipping some excellent wine: try the Trimani Il Wine Bar, at the Cul de Sac in Piazza Navona or Cavour 313. Pubs and beer gardens tend to have a British theme, they serve many different beers, and true to the good old Brit' style, you can enjoy a game of darts with your pint! Places to be seen' in include the Four Green Fields, Fiddler's Elbow, and the Victoria House

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