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The restaurants in Venice offer a wide variety of cuisines, ranging from international fast food to five-star Italian dishes. Many of the specialities are fish based, and there are excellent vegetables in season from the gardens of St. Erasmo Island. For a light snack try l'osteria', or  cicheti' which is usually meatballs, fried vegetables, anchovies and cured meats, or even a sandwich, whose delicious dough is made from the city water. There are many inns close to the Rialto Market, which serve fresh food - they are subject to a quality control, which is carried out daily by the local residents. Places to visit include Do Spade, Antico Dolo, Do Mori, and Da Pinto.

Situated near Piazzale Roma and the University, off the tourist trail, Campo Santa Margherita is always reasonable. This area consists predominantly of pubs, bakeries, ice cream parlours and pizzerias, which cater for a mostly student clientele. In summer it's the only area that stays open until late at night, much against the will of the elderly population in this district. This is also the artistic' quarter, where actors, directors, architects, designers and a range of other arty types hang out.

A lot of Venice's top-quality gourmet restaurants can be found in San Marco, the most prestigious area of the city. Harry's Bar is a name to remember, as are Do Forni and Antico Pignolo. There are other excellent restaurants towards the outskirts of the city. The Castello district in particular is home to the superb Franz, near the Santo Stefano church. A few years ago the Da Fiore, also in this area, was named best restaurant in the world.

Venice loves to have a good drink, as does the whole of the Veneto region. There are many popular inn/wine bars that have become real institutions. Unnamed house wines of varying quality can be found everywhere; to be sure of a good bouquet try Do Mori. In autumn, look out for the "torbolino": an immature Pinot Nero whose arrival announces that winter is on its way.


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