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Venice is quite a sleepy city, especially when you compare it to other major cities of the world. There are several reasons for this. The first is the high average age of its citizens  probably the highest in Italy. The second is the relative difficulty there is to get around. This is not a place for cars and other private means of transport, and a boat ride is not really ideal for an evening out. Finally, there is a lack of space in Venice, so everything is very cramped.

In short, you will search in vain for nocturnal activities. There simply isn't anything to do. However, if you really can't do without nightlife, you can drive to Piazzale Roma (a true Venetian would need a very good justification for doing so) and then on to Jesolo.

Besides, by nature Venetians do things differently. They enjoy entertaining friends in the privacy of their own homes. As a consequence, there are very few restaurants which stay open until late  to the point where going for something to eat after the cinema would be a major feat. It is only relatively recently that some restaurants with live music have reopened: "Il Paradiso perduto, in the Misericordia district, is noted for its ambience and its endless disputes with local residents.

Campo Santa Margherita in the summer is an exception to this rule. The presence of hundreds of students on their summer holidays transforms the square into a pleasure pavilion, with restaurants, live music and extemporaneous art exhibitions. Amongst the most popular are those at Du Champ, the Caff?Rosso and Ai Sportivi. Another exception is during the Carnival. In September, Campo San Polo houses an open-air cinema, where you can sit under the stars and watch films which have only just been released at the Biennale Cinema.

The opening seasons of the Goldoni Thestre, and the operatic-symphonic Fenice Theatre (until September at Palafenice in Tronchetto, but repeated for a little longer in the historic centre of renovated Malibran) attempt to shift the winter-blues. For those who like a gamble, there are two Casinos in the city and Mestre.

Finally, there is the Lido  an island that makes this waterlogged city go bathing-mad. But even here, whether you like it or not, the emphasis is on Mann, rather than Maracaibo. The beach is extremely beautiful, but where it is most beautiful, it is also very expensive. Where the sand runs out, towards the Murazzi islands, the water is dirty and there are breakwaters, with not so much as a stick of celery to take shelter beneath.


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