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ACERENZA (Potenza) Basilicata - Italy

Altitude: 833 Meters above sea level

Population: 3,009

Distance from:  Potenza 35 - Matera 70 - Bari 120 - Metaponto 110 - Maratea 156

Acerenza is situated northeast of Potenza, a town in the Southern Italian region of Basilicata. It has a population of 3.010 inhabitants (Acheruntino) and a surface of 77,2 square kilometers with a density of 38,99 inhabitants per km2. It rises 833 metres above the sea level.

Being an agricultural town on top of a rocky promontory and delimited by the River Bradano it offers a magnificent landscape dominated by vineyards proof the wealth of this land where the uva aglianico (a particular kind of grapes) produces a famous local wine.

The rich historical tradition of Acerenza is linked to several dominations and an archeological site dating back to the VI-IV century B.C. was discovered stating the presence on this territory of old settlements; in addition a tomb of the VI century was found together with a small bronze statue representing Heracles.

The old name of Acerenza was Acheruntia, which was the region's capital for several hundreds of years. Situated at 800 meters above sea level, the city dominated the Via Appia, the Appia Traiana and the Via Erculea, and was strategically positioned to control the entire southeast of the peninsula

Undoubtedly the history of Acerenza is linked with its religious worship.

The Diocese of Acerenza is one of the oldest and antique in southern Italy. It lays claim to a very early, even Apostolic origin: records shown that it was found by San Pietro on its pilgrim from Brindisi to Rome passing through the Via Appia.

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