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The north-west Sardinian town of Alghero is a lively and pretty city and a flourishing tourist attraction not only for the summer masses and elite? tourism but also for a new cosmopolitanism. Thanks to flights connections, now Alghero is directly linked to main Italian and European cities like Pisa, Milan, Rome, London, Barcellona and Frankfurt.

Alghero is indeed a unique gem in Sardinia and Italy itself. The city origin and current zest is Catalan, Genoese and Sardinian.

Followed the overthrow of the Genoese Doria?s family (originators of the city in 1102) by the Aragon in 1354, the city is a unique mixture of Mediterranean cultures. Thanks to that, the old town is showing strong traces of the Spaniard culture being the local dialect, the Algherese, close to Catalan. Its atmospheric narrow streets named both in Catalan and Italian, and bright churches, bring a colorful light to the city together with antique houses with fashion iron made balconies, bakeries and fashion shops, all shaped in strong and bright stones.

Alghero is undoubtedly a unique Mediterranean and Medieval citadel, with that special futures of being a coastal Coral Riviera as in its seabed can be found one of the richest coral fauna of the world, and shops, bars, and restaurants are a constant reminder of this special ?gemstone? being all decorated with this characteristic red, pink, and blue-sky jewel.

Several towers divided the old from the new town. The main city sightseeing are Porta Terra, one of these massive towers also known as the Jewish Tower as it was created by a Jewish community in 1492, the magnificent Catalan-Gothic Cathedral of Piazza del Duomo one of the finest Mediterranean architectures, the nearby 16th century Governor?s house Palazzo Abis, the charming 14th century Church of San Francesco, the austere Palau Reial, and of course the sandy beaches and the long pine tree marina surrounded with bars, restaurants, disco-clubs, campsites and resorts offering diving course and excursions.



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