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Most of the City celebrations are in April at the starting of the spring season.

On Good Friday a solemn procession fills the streets, lit by red lanterns, the Catholic ?Via Crucis?.  

Also throughout April there are evocative rituals of the Spanish?s origin.

On Low Sunday there is another procession with pilgrimages to the Virgin Mary of Valverde.


For the Festa di Sant?Elmo in June, boats carry the statue of the saint across the water. Concerts are held on the coastal road to Fertilia and the cloister at the Chiesa di San Francesco hosts classical concerts. Top of Form

December 24th:  

"SIGNUM JUDICII": On Christmas Eve, a traditional medieval chant takes place in the Cathedral. The ancient Sibyl chant, whose origins are lost in time, is still authentically reproduced only in Palma de Majorca and Alghero.


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