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Arborea (born with the name Mussolinia after the italian fascist dictator) is a a piece of Veneto in Sardinia, a small town in the Oristano municipality surrounded by numerous farms and alleys, eucalyptuses, poplars and pine trees.

The village has a population of 3.927 inhabitants (Arborensi) and a surface of 115,5 square kilometers with a density of 34 inhabitants per square kilometer. It rises around 5 meters above the sea level.

The area was considered a marshy area until early 1919 when it was drained thanks to agricultural and urban reforms during the Italian Fascist period (when it was called Mussolinia) and in 1937 about 3000 hectares of land have been redeemed from the agricultural and zootechnical products.  The terrains, only a few meters above the level of the nearby sea, are flat and highly productive and the climate is warm and uniform, while water is in relatively good supply. All of those elements have encouraged the development of market gardening and fruit production--especially citrus crops, strawberries, peaches, pears, melons and watermelons--which represent together with bovine breeding the area's primary source of income.

Today Arborea is a nice and beautiful village often referred as a flourishing oasis rationally organized as a blooming agricultural area unique in Sardinia: the landscape shows cultivated fields in succession, flanked by trees, modern stables and canals and its architectural environment (historical villas and Palazzi, colourful gardens, and new modern urban areas) proudly is considered as the sole inimitable example in Sardinia although has influenced since most of the other centers all around the Oristano province.

The name Arborea comes from the original name of the now Oristano Municipality. For instance, between the X and XIV century Sardinia was divided in four small states inherited from the Byzantine jurisdiction. Each state was called Giudicato (managed by a Judge), a sort of governor and prince. The Giudicato of Arborea existed until the Aragonians arrived in 1417 submitting the whole area to Oristano Marquesses and Lords of Goceano.

To the tourist Arborea represents a relaxing countryside and sea by holiday, within small and characteristic "agriturismo", typical bed&breakfast Locande, and a luxury hotel famous for its horse riding circuit. In addition, Arborea, being situated in the middle of Sardinia west coast, offers an excellent base location toward other main tourist location in Sardinia.

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