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Along the coast is well worth a visit to Muggia, a pretty little town with a beautiful harbor, on the Slovenian border. And the Risiera di San Sabba, once a rice-hulling plant, which hosted the only Nazi concentration camp to have been built in Italy, now a museum which exhibited photos of the atrocities of the world war II.
The villages of Duino Aurisina and Sistiana are linked by the ?Sentiero Rilke?, a seaside path which runs for two km.

The Villaggio del Pescatore is instead a small nice fishing village where crocodile and dinosaur remains were discovered several years ago.

The best worth visit is however in the Carso Valley, which offers one of the most beautiful and unique landscape of Europe, characterised by white, limestone rock.

The flora here is exceptionally rich, thanks to waters filtered underground into large deep cavities known as foibe. The territory is full of woods, clearings, moors and canyons as well as eroded rock faces.

Here in an ancient rural mansion, the Casa Carsica, traditional wedding of the Slovenian community are celebrated annually.
A visit to the Foiba di Basovizza, need also not to be forgotten, in remembrance of the thousands of Italians incarcerated in this underground cavities during WWII.





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