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The village MARINA D'ASCEA is a typical medieval village, surrounded by century-old olive trees. Is undoubtedly a seaside resort along the Client?s coast, provided with several outdoor facilities, hotels and campsites, especially along the extensive sandy beach that stretches north to Marina Del Casalvelino.

The landscape variety of the territory and the richness of natural scenarios are surprising, coast cliffs that enchanted Greek heroes and philosophers are excavated by wonderful grottoes and over them are built very ancient watchtowers (the most famous being the Telegraph" tower). On a boat trip it is easy to arrive at the silver bay, the Rondinella Bay or the Scuoglio cliff.

Close by, MARINA DI VELIA gives access to the site of Velia where the tourist is delighted by the ruins of the Hellenistic town of Elea, founded around 540 BC and an important port and cultural centre, later becoming a favourite holiday resort for wealthy Romans. At the centre of the ruins the ?Porta Rosa ", named after the wife of the archeologist who conducted the first investigations, is one of the earliest arches ever found - and the first indication to experts of the Greeks construction skills. The near Acropolis has relics of an amphitheatre and a temple, together with a massive Norman tower - visible for some distance around.

Main Events:

June: Girocitt?Ascea (Foot Running)

August: Summer in the village; Giocascea (Olive trees feast)
December: Christmas in Ascea

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