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Basic General Italian Phrase Book     

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Hello & goodbye (informal) = Ciao [Chow]

Goodbye = Arrivederci [Areevedairchee]

Good night = Buona notte [BWOH-nah NOHT-tah]

Yes = Si [See]

No = No [No]

Thank you = Grazie [GRAH-tsyeh]

Please = Per favore [Pehr fah-VOH-reh]

You're welcome = Prego [PREH-goh]

Excuse me = Scusi [Skoo-zee]

May I pass by = Permesso [Pehr-MEHS-soh]

I don't understand = Non capisco [Non kapeesko]

How do you say this in Italian? = Como si dice questo in Italiano? [Komo say diche kwesto en eetalyano?]

Do you speak English? = Parla Inglese? [Parla eengleze?]

I understand a little = Capisco un po [Ka-PEE-skoh oon poh]

Please speak more slowly = Per favore, parli piu adagio [Pehr-fah-VOH-reh, PAHR-lee pyoo ah-DAH-joh]

Please repeat = Per favore ripeta [Pehr-fah-VOH-reh ree-PEH-tah]


Zero = Zero [Tzairo]

One = Uuno [Oono]

Two = Due [Doo-eh]

Three = Tre [Treh]

Four = Quattro [Kwat-tro]

Five = Cinque [Cheenkwey]

Six = Sei [Say]


Seven = Sette [Set-te]

Eight = Otto [Ot-to]

Nine = Nove [No-ve]

Ten = Dieci [Dee-echee]

Eleven = Undici [Oon-deechee]

Twelve = Dodici [Doh-deechee]

Thirteen = Tredici [Tre-deechee]

Fourteen = Quattordici [Kwat-tor-deechee]

Fifteen = Quindici [Kween-deechee]

Sixteen = Sedici [Say-deechee]

Seventeen = Diciassette [Deechas-set-te]


Eighteen = Diciotto [Deechot-to]

Nineteen = Diciannove [Deechan-no-ve]

Twenty = Venti [Ventee]

Twenty one = Ventuno [Ventoono]

Thirty = Trenta [Trenta]

Forty = Quaranta [Kwaranta]

Fifty = Cinquanta [Cheenkwanta]

Sixty = Sessanta [Ses-santa]

Seventy = Settanta [Set-tanta]

Eighty = Ottanta [Ot-tanta]

Ninety = Novanta [Novanta]

One hundred = Cento [Chento]

One thousand = Mille [Meele]

One million = Un milione [Oon meel-yone]

What time is it? = Che ora e? [Keh OH-rah eh]

It's one o'clock = E l'una [Eh LOO-nah]

Noon = Mezzogiorno [Mehd-dzoh-JOHR-noh]

Midnight = Mezzanotte [Mehd-zah-NOHT-the]

It's two o'clock = Sono le due [SOH-noh leh DOO-eh]

Two fifteen = Le due e un quarto [Leh DOO-eh eh oon KWAHR-toh ]

Two thirty = Le due e mezzo [Leh DOO-eh eh MEHD-zoh]

Two forty five = Le due e tre quarti [Leh DOO-eh eh treh KWAHR-tee]

Two fifty = Le tre meno dieci [Leh treh MEH-noh DYEH-chee]

Three ten = Le tre e dieci [Leh treh eh DYEH-chee]

Monday = Lunedi [Loonehdee]

Tuesday = Martedi [Mahrtehdee]

Wednesday = Mercoledi [Mehrkohlehdee]

Thursday = Giovedi [Johvehdee]

Friday = Venerdi [Vehnehrdee]

Saturday = Sabato [Sabbahtoh]

Sunday = Domenica [Dohmehneekah]

January = Gennaio [Jehnahyoh]

February = Febbraio [Fehbbrahyoh]

March = Marzo [Mahrtsoh]

April = Aprile [Ahpreeleh]

May = Maggio [Majoh]

June = Giugno [Joonyoh]

July = Luglio [Loolyoh]

August = Agosto [Ahgohstoh]

September = Settembre [sehttehmbreh]

October = Ottobre [Ohttobreh]


November = Novembre [Novehmbreh]

December = Dicembre [Deechembreh]

Who? = Chi? [Kee?]

What? = Che cosa? [Keh hohsah?]

Why? = Perche? [Pehrkeh?]

When? = Quando? [Kwahndoh?]

Where? = Dove? [Dohveh?]

How? = Come? [Kohmeh?]

How much? = Quanto? [Kwantoh?]