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Heading north from the Arena, Via Mazzini is a narrow traffic-free street lined with generally expensive clothes, shoe and jewellery shops. A left turn at the end leads to the Piazza dell' Erbe , while a right takes you into Via Cappello , a street named after the family that Shakespeare turned into the Capulets - and on the left, at no. 23, is the Casa di Giulietta (Juliet's House) . In fact, although the "Capulets" and the "Montagues" (Montecchi) did exist, Romeo and Juliet were entirely fictional creations. The house itself, constructed at the start of the fourteenth century, is in a fine state of preservation, but is largely empty.

Via Cappello leads into Via Leoni with its Roman gate, the Porta Leoni , and a segment of excavated Roman street, exposed three metres below today's street level. At the end of Via Leoni and across the road rises the red-brick San Fermo church, whose inconsistent exterior betrays the fact that it consists of two churches combined. Flooding forced the Benedictines to superimpose a second church on the one founded in the eighth century. The Gothic upper church has no outstanding works of art but is graceful enough; the Romanesque lower church, entered from the left of the choir, has impressive low vaulting, sometimes obscured by exhibitions.

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