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One of the most beautiful areas in Italy, 45 Km North from Milan, near the Switzerland border is Como and its adjoining lake of the same name, arguably the most beautiful lake in Italy. Here, the visitor finds clear blue waters, snow-capped alpine peaks and historic towns.

Famous for its lake, for its villas with florid parks, for its celebrities guests, Como offers to the tourist one of the best vacation trip in Italy.

Walking around the cool shade of the old buildings, in that Italian Renaissance atmosphere, between antique Romanesque churches, exquisite monuments, and the nearly valleys with its lake, Como become a city full of opportunities, for city lovers and mountain lovers alike.

Through wild environments and unspoiled valleys the visitor can try out every kind of experience that this natural setting can offer, enjoying the daily trips on boat, ferries, hydrofoils and sea-plain. The old town is a relaxing place to wander or eat in, and the funicular ride has great views across the lake.

But Como is more than a collection of old buildings and its lake. It is renowned for its fine silks throughout the world, being the main silk-supplier for Milan's fashion designers. For instance, one of the towns major industries is in printing and dyeing silk, numerous workshops where ties and scarves are created and sold all over the world, silk spinning and marketing of clothing and furnishings.

Actor/director/producer George Clooney bought a $7 million villa in the sourrending of Lake Como in 2001.

Food speciality:

Any typical Larian speciality, a fantastic mix of lake fish, cheese from the mountains, meats and traditional Italian cooking.

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