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Cremona is a city in Northern Italy, situated in Lombardy, in the middle of the Po plain.

The city is a cosy provincial town known for its violins.

Since 1566, when Andrea Amati developed the modern violin in Cremona, the Bottege Liutarie (stringed instrument workshops) have made it the world?s violin capital, reaching an apogee with the instruments produced by Antonio Stradivarius, attracting both tourists and musicians worldwide

Today around a hundred violin makers maintain the tradition started by the Amati family with an internationally famous school of violin making here, and there are frequent classical concerts, as well as a string festival held every third October.

Beside the violin industry, the economy of Cremona is deeply linked to the agricultural production of the countryside. Food industries include salted meat, sweets, vegetable oils, cheese and Italian mustard. Heavy industries include steel, oil and one electric plant. The river-port is a base for the barges transporting goods along the Po River.

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