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Festa di Sant'Antonio Abate:

great purifying bonfire are lit along the beaches with everyone bringing something old (and preferably wooden) from their house to burn representing a break with the events of the past year and a purifying start to the new year.

Parades and food (bread and wine) are offered to visitors.

Where: Cagliari and other parts of Sardinia as Flumminimaggiore.


Festa patronale of Quartu Sant?Elena:

Passage of the crown between the baby Jesus and his virgin mother Mary supposedly change their crowns of holiness. Parades and chants are held throughout the city

Where: Quartu Sant'Elena




Carnival of Cagliari:

Parade of floats and masquerades. The day ends with a big bonfire and the burning of the puppet Canciofali (symbol of Carnival).

Where: Cagliari




Festa of San Gregorio Magno:

The death of San Gregorio Magno is commemorated in his dedicated magnificent church (built in the years from 1300 to 1325).

Where: Sardara


S'Iscravamentu and s?Incontru (Sacrement and meeting):

At Good Friday, night parades at the sounds of old local instruments (matraccas, reiniddas and arreulas). Su Iscravamnetu represents the deposition of the crown of Christ and the Incontru the meeting between the risen Christ and the Virgin Maria.The following Easter Sunday there is the traditional Parade of ?S'Incontru?.

Where: Teulada


Parade of Dead Christ (Iscravamentu and Incontru):

Night parades, by candlelight, in antique costumes and with massed choirs are held throughout the antique street of Cagliari (Casteddu)

Cagliari: Cagliari



Passion of Our Lord:

Parades with 17th century costumes.

Where: Iglesias


Marathon of Cagliari:

A marathon long 42.195 kilometers along some of the most gorgeous coastline

To partecipate call +39-070-240754.

Where: Cagliari




Sagra di Sant'Efisio:

A very famous parade in Cagliari and described as one of the most beautiful and antique procession in the world.

The statue of the saint is carried to Pula. Local groups from every corner of Sardinia participate at the costume parade wearing their traditional and antique costumes and following the ?traccas? (ox carts which richly decorated with flowers, fruit, embroideries and laces).

Where: Cagliari


International Sardinian Fair:

Where: Cagliari




Festa di San Giovanni Battista:


Yong people gather at a spring called the Funata Etza to light a giant bonfire, throwing aromatic herbs on it and running through it in order to purify themselves and to chase away sickness. The ashes will then be distributed to the sick throughout the year.

Where: Cagliari


Sagre of the almond:

Celebrations are taken place at almond trees with distribution of almond cakes.

Where: Quartu Sant'Elena




Sa panada:

A gastronomic fair.

Where: Assemini



Feast of Our Lady the shipwrecked:

Parade of dressed ships to Isola dei Cavoli, to where there's the statue of Our Lady of the shipwrecked. Musical performances and fireworks.

Where: Villasimius



Folk music, songs, dances that include participants of Sardinian and foreign groups.

Where: Quartu Sant'Elena


July in Assemini:

The traditional marriage of the Cittadella of Assemini takes place.Regional and local show of local crafts.

Where: Assemini


Saint Antonio the Abbot's:

Fair parade of folk groups, Sardinian songs and dances.

Where: Tuili




The Blessed Virgin Mary:

Religious ceremonies and performances of music and theatrical groups.

Where: Villamar


Cagliari August (All month long):

Old Sardinian jewel and costume exhibition and fish from Golfo degli Angeli Fair.

Where: Cagliari


Summer in Buggerru:

Fish fair, glass fair exhibition and photographic exhibition of the history of Buggerru plus shell exhibition with specimens from all over the world.

Shows with folk groups of Sardinian songs and dances.

Where: Buggerru


Fisherman's fair:

Sport and traditional folkloric shows, with offers of roast fish and wine.

Where: Teulada


Saint Lorenzo's fair:

Old religious fair with folkloric exhibits and shows, local crafts, music and sport displays.

Where: Sanluri



On the eve of the feast of the Assumption, all the young men and women of the city try to lasso a running heifer cow.

Where: Guasila


Saint Platano and Saint Antioco:

A full week of celebrations, dances, preparation of bread for the wood-cutters all in the Cixerri river. Date: 21st-27th

Where: Villaspeciosa




Old Marriage in Selargius:

 A very famous marriage celebration in ancient religious ceremony in Sardinian costumes. Plus a festival of folklore and Trophy Su muccadori de sa sposa (the handkerchief of the bride), which is a purebred horse race is held.

Where: Selargius


September in Quartu:

Feast of the patron Saint Elena the Empress Grape-harvest festival, plus bread and sweet fair.

Where: Quartu Sant'Elena


September in Muravera:

Sport, music and folkloric exhibits plus Honey Fair exhibition.

Where: Muravera


River-lake feast:

Ecological boat excursions, angling and kayak competitions at the Cixerri river and the Saint Gilla lagoon with a final barbecue of local fish.

Where: Assemini



Festa Manna:

Antique celebration since year 1730; celebrations with horse races and equestrian demonstrations with costumed riders.

Where: Cagliari


Festa di Santa Greca:

Important festivity anf very famous in Sardinia. Parades in costume, traccas riders, poetry and dialect competitions.

Where: Decimomannu




Snail Festival:

Where: Gesico


Feast of Saint Martino:

Plenty of celebrations and fair like a Broad bean fair and an exhibition of ?civraxiu? bread.

Where: Sanluri





Is Animeddas:

The typical Sardinian Halloween celebration.

Where: Decimoputzu





Saffron Harvest and Celebration:

Celebration of this precious and unique type of saffron.

Where: San Gavino and Turri


Madonna of the Slave:

The statue of the Virgin Mary is carried in parade throughout the day.

Where: Carloforte


Feast of Saint Andrea:

Parade, folk groups, poetry competitions, tasting of local specialties, and traditional Sardinian music.

Where: Quartu Sant'Elena




December in Monserrato:

Classical music concerts and concert of launeddas (a classical Sardinian instrument), and other celebrations.

Where: Monserrato


Christmas fair:

Where: Cagliari


Feast of Saint Lucia:

Parade, dances in the square with Sardinian music for three consecutive days.

Where: Ussana






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