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Fiera di Marzo - fair of merchandise and animals, with numerous street stalls along the eastern bank of the fork of lake Como. City: Nesso

Bonfire Competition (Palio dei Falo) - this tradition goes back to 1120 when Lezzeno (back then called Leucini) was sacked and set ablaze by the natives of Como. Other historians claim that the palio is in memory of the fires where numerous witches of the time were burned. The city neighborhoods organize themselves into groups that compete to build the biggest, the most beautiful and the most unusual bonfire. The spectacle creates fantastic special effects on the banks of the lake, where bonfires with flames up to 20 meters high reflect off the still sheet of water. City: Lezzeno


Competition of the lucie, flowered boats on the river Lario, in Lezzeno near Como.

The Green Asparagus Festival (Feste dell'Asparago Verde), a spring festival devoted entirely to the woody-stemmed, tender-tipped vegetable that is a favorite in Italian cuisine. There is live music, a market, stalls and every type of imaginable preparation of the phallic stalks. City: Tremezzo

Antique and flea market, exhibitors gather in the Piazza Portici dei Torchio from nine in the morning to seven at night. Specialities include silver, jewelry and books. City: Carimate


The Sagra di San Giovanni, the oldest historical event to take place on lake Como is celebrated the last weekend of June in the town of Como with folk arts and fireworks and in Ossuccio with a festival, boat procession, and boat race.

Gigantic fish-fry with all the fried fish you can stuff in your pie hole. City: Menaggio

Costumed Parade along the streets full of colored linen and silky decorations.

Date: Corpus Domini which is which falls 60 days after Easter. City: Premana


Festa del lago. This is a historical commemoration of a horrific event that took place in 1169, when a boat full of exiles coming from the Comacina Isle, was set on fire by the Como citizens supported by the Barbarossa. City: Varenna

Traditional local and Lombardian costume exhibition. City: Consiglio di Rumo


Cave Festival - the grottoes are the natural cavities formed by the piling up of enormous boulders that have broken away from the sides of the mountains in prehistoric times. Between the narrow openings of these masses there is a constant current of air which remains at about 50 degrees Fahrenheit which makes them the ideal place to season food products. But the grotto is also a place where people can converse, eat, drink and sing in comfort. During the course of this festival these caves are open to the public, who can taste excellent wines and local delicacies while being sheltered from the torrid August heat. City: Stazzona

Gnocchi festival with enough of this delicious potato pastry to stuff an army, plus grilled meat and local wine. City: Pognara Lario

Polenta and fish festival. City: Varenna

Ancient gondola's competition between Lecco, Varenna and Bellagio. City: Lake Como


The Palio del Baradello, a historical re-enactment, Medieval Games and Pageant, is the first week of September. City: Como

Palio Remiero del Lario, a traditional rowing race. City: Como


International All-Breed Dog Show - over 2,000 entrants from all parts of the world overrun this sleepy little hill town near Como. City: Erba

Celebration of Saint Ambrogio - religious, musical, theatrical and gastronomic delights in the traditions of folklore, and in which schoolchildren play a major part. City: Lierna


S. Antonio Abate - this day is celebrated with festivities, food, music and a raging bonfire. City: in the towns of: Erba, Esino Lario and Perledo

Celebration of the Songs of the Blackbird ('La Meerla' - meaning blackbird in Cremonese dialect) - this is a celebration rooted deeply in local Cemona ritual which celebrates the departure of winter. All four nights are filled with outdoor celebrations that center around a bonfire of immense proportion and accompanied by ample food and drink. City: Mandello del Lario

La Giubiana - a celebration of winters departure by merriment, dance, drink and giant servings of rice (risotto). A witch (La Giubiana) is burned in effigy on a bonfire. City: Barzago and Varenna

There are music festivals around the lake in spring and fall, gastronomic festivals in fall, and drama from January - April.

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