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Christmas Tree: according to the Guiness Book of World Records, it constitute the biggest Christmas tree in the world, even if it is made by a collection of over 800 illuminated water-fountains that rises at the side of Mount Igino. Where: Gubbio.

Epiphany. Where: Perugia

Hawthorn flowering. Where: Gualdo Tadino - Gubbio

Antique and flea market. Where: Todi

Feast of Saint Anthony. Where: Borgo di Montemigiano and Cascia

Pasquarella festival. Where: Cascia

Saint Costanzo's festival: the patron saint of the town. Where: Perugia



Antique and flea market. Where: Todi

The burlesque carnival wedding: the carnival satire take place with colourful allegoric figures like Cosimicchia and Trippetta, followed by Pulcinella, the Angel, the Devil and a mysterious Lady all get married unjustly. Dressed in white and accompanied by the rhythms of drum music, the five characters put on a continuing performance which involves the public. Indeed, not to be missed. Where: Sannicandro

Olive and bruschetta festivals: with offers of free samples of bruschetta and folk groups performing songs and popular dances called the Saltarello. Where: Spello

Torcolo festival: a traditional cake. Where: Fontignano

Honey castagnola festival: a local sweet made from honey and chestnuts. Where: Citta di Castello

Spoleto's Carnival. Where: Spoleto

Valentine's Day in Perugia: unique in Italy and Europe is the way the city celebrate the lovers day, under the chocolate sun! Where: Perugia

Black truffle exhibition. Where: Norcia



Grandparents' festival. Where: Lerchi

Saint Ercolano's festival. Where: Perugia

La Festa degli Statuti: seated in one of the most ancient villages of Umbrian hill-towns, with medieval costume and medieval markets that offer foods and recipes no longer known or used. Where: Fossato di Vico



Welcoming the Spring: parade of symbolic floats. Where: Lama and Trevi

Tulip festival: parade of floats decorated with tulips. Where: Castiglion del Lago

Historical Parade. Enactment of the Passion of Christ. Where: Fossato di Vico

Pizza festival. Where: Citta' della Pieve

Parade of the Dead: holy performance of the Passion. One of the most ancient parades in Italy going back to the XIV century. Where: Bevagna

Holy performances: Commemorations of the Passion of Christ. Where: Gualdo Tadino and Todi

Festival of Saint Pellegrino: folkloristic and historical commemorations of the XV century. Where: Gualdo Tadino



Palio of Saint Michele Arcangelo: with archers? competitions and crossbowmen. Where: Gualdo Tadino

Calendimaggio festival: a famous festival where the medieval Assisi comes to live again. Where: Assisi

 Festival of Saint Crispolto:  with traditional parades, popular festivals and local dishes. Where: Bettona

Corsa dei Ceri: known as one of the most remarkable celebrations in Italy, there is the assemblage of the Ceri (candlesticks beautifully decorated in wooden constructions that can reach heights of 20 feet with weight of up to 900 pounds. Where: Gubbio

Festival of Saint Pasquale: folk and religious celebrations. Where: Citta di Castello

Palio of the Crossbow. Where: from San Sepolcro to Gubbio

Saint Rita: religious and folk celebrations. Where: Cascia

Serenate di Calendimaggio: competition that goes back to the XIV century whit mandolins, guitars and love songs related to Saint Francesco's life before conversion. Where: Assisi



Infiorata: Preparation of the beautiful floral carpets which are destroyed soon after by the passing through religious procession. Where: Assisi

Holy performance of Corpus Christi Day: displays of beautiful Infiorata. Where: Sigillo and Spello

Crostone festival and cock race. Where: Strozzacapponi

Historical Parade: between neighbourhood districts. Where: Collazzone - Todi

Torchlight Parade. Where: Migliano

Spoleto Festival dei Due Mondi: a very famous festival in Italy and in the world, twinned with an identical festival held in Charleston, South Carolina. A five week festival placed in the stunning hilltop castled city of Spoleto performing literary and visual arts, Opera works, orchestral performances, ballet, prose readings, marionettes, concerts and film debuts.

Where: Spoleto

Mercato delle Gaite: a medieval marketplace. Where: Bevagna

Festival della Madonna delle Carceri. Where: Montecastello di Vibio

Festa del Voto: commemorations of Saint Chiara's miracle (in 1241 she stopped the Saracen attack). Where: Assisi

Commemoration of the Battle of Trasimeno. Where: Tuoro sul Trasimeno

Fish festival. Where: Borghetto di Tuoro



Hot Air Balloon Grand Prix: Where: Todi

Gastronomic competition: XVII century recipes. Where: Foligno

Festa delle Acque: with devoted to pay honour to their waterfalls.

Where: various locations including Cascata delle Marmore, Lago di Piediluco, Sorgenti di Sangemini and Acquasparta.

Umbria Jazz Festival: a world-famous jazz festival. Where: Perugia and Cortona

Sagre delle Cozze (Mussels cooking). Where: Citta di Castello

Giacchio festival: gastronomic stands with lake fish. Where: Castiglione del Lago



Forgiveness festival: to commemorate the indulgence received by Saint Francesco received from Pope Onorio III. Where: Assisi

Inter-district Palio:  old festival with competitions among the archers of the different village. Where: Citt?della Pieve

Agosto a Montefalco: folk and cultural celebrations. Where: Montefalco

Festival of Saint Rufino: solemn liturgies in the cathedral and choral music concerts. Where: Assisi

Saint Chiara's festival: with holy music concerts. Where: Assisi

Fuga del Bove: an antique race that has been run since XV century, where each neighbourhood is represented by a shepherded bull. Where: Montefalco



Cavalcata di Satriano, historical and religious commemoration of Saint Francesco's recovery. Where: Assisi

Umbertide's September: art, folklore, sport. Where: Umbertide

Umbria's Musical Festival. International holy music festival. Where: Perugia and other towns

Giostra della Quintana: equestrian competition. Where: Foligno

Festa dell'Uva (Wine Festival): a famous wine festival in Italy. Where: S.Elena di Marsciano S.Elena di Marsciano

Donkey Palio: a race of donkeys. Where: Gualdo Tadino

Festival della risata (Humour festival). Where: Foligno



Saint Francesco: national celebrations of Saint Francesco, the patron saint of Italy. Where: Assisi

Palio of the Goose (Palio dell'Oca), races gooses against each other. Where: Citta di Castello

Palio dei Terzieri. Where: Trevi

Euro Chocolate Festival. Where: Perugia

Medieval Festival, Black Celery Market, and Sausage Festival: Where: Trevi

Sagre del Tartufo - Celebration of the Truffle. Where: Valtopina and Gubbio



Fiera dei Morti (Fair of the Dead): at All Saints' Day. Where: Perugia

Truffle and forest products exhibition: Where: Citta di Castello

Saint Martino's festival: free samples of chestnut products and local wines. Where: Sigillo

Antique show: indeed a unique show featuring market items dating from the 1300s to the 1900s, also from royal casate. Where: Perugia



Li Fauni (Bells festival). Where: Norcia

Truffle festival. Where: Norcia

Live nativity scene performances. Where: Foligno

National agritourist Festival: festival of olive harvesting with liturgical celebrations of the Immaculate Conception. Where: Assisi

Pasta Festival. Where: Spoleto



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