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Festival and events in Pistoia and province:


January and all year around:

  • Antique Market. City: Pistoia ? Viale Pacinotti: 2nd weekend every month


  • Festival of lies. Date: Carnival Period City: Le Piastre (towards San Marcello-Abettone)


  • Tournament of Saracino. Date: 3rd weekend of April City: Pescia

  • Sagra della Pastorizia (Sheepman Feast), Cutigliano (towards San Marcello-Abettone)

  • Festa della Farina dolce (Sweet flour Festival) City: Piteglio Cantamaggio near Prataccio

May and June:

  • Feast of forty hours' devotion with sport competitions and festival of the tombola game. City: Montale

  • Massesi weeks and festival featuring olive-oil with savoury bruschetta and Toscanello wine. City: Massa and Cozzile

  • Pinocchio's Birthday. City: Pescia


  • Pistoia Blues Festival - Certainly one of the best musical events in Italy. Artist revue to include many superstars that are far from blues! It's twinned with the Chicago Blues Festival and attracts some of the world's greatest stars (past performers have included B.B. King, David Bowie, Steve Winwood, Zucchero, David Crosby, Santana and Bob Dylan to name a few). There are special trains from Florence that will transport music lovers into one of the loveliest of ancient Tuscan cities that exists. Date: the second weekend of July. City: Pistoia

  • Giostra dell'Orso (Joust of the Bear), cultural, sport and folk demonstrations. On the last Sunday of the month, they celebrate the Tournament of the Bear. Pistoia annual "Bear fight" culminates on 25th July in its main square after a month of concerts and pageantry. The Joust of the Bear dates back to the 14th Century: 12 knights are pitted against a bear (two wooden dummies) dressed in a checked cloak, there is normally traditional food served. It celebrates Pistoia patron Saint, San Jacopo. It's a contest among rival neighbourhoods: Golden Bear, Dragon, White Stag and Griffon. In pairs, the riders race twice around the square of the Piazza del Duomo and then try to strike the target, a bear (the symbol of the city), with their lances. The event takes place in the late afternoon, and is preceded by a parade in costume along the medieval town walls. City: Pistoia


  • Corso of flowers (a parade of floats decorated with flowers). Date: 1st weekend City: Chiesina Uzzanese

  • Traditional Feast of the Towers. Date: 1st Sunday City: Piteglio (towards San Marcello-Abettone)

  • Feast of Saint Rocco with the traditional game of the fighting cocks (banned in the United States and many other countries, but still legal here.). City: Marliana

  • Festa di San Lodovico. Celebrations for Saint Ludovico and parade in costume City: Serravalle Pistoiese


  • Palio dei Rioni, a huge archery contest between the neighbourhoods of the city into a medieval contest of skill. The residents dress up in epoch costume and over 400 people participate in the ancient competitions. Date: the first Sunday of September. City: Pescia

  • Celebrations for the Patron Saint which end with a hot-air balloon race. City: S. Marcello Pistoiese


Fogarone (24 December). City: Treppio

Presepe Vivente (24 December). City: Tobbiana (Montale)


Sagra in Pistoia municipality:


Palio degli Arcieri

3 September 2006 / Pescia (PT)

Festa della Farina dolce

April/ Piteglio (PT)

Mercatino in Galleria  

April/ Pistoia (PT)

Scuola Itinerante di Chocolate

April/ Agliana (PT)

Sagra del Tortelli

August/ Cutigliano (PT)

Piazzette in Festa

August/ Marliana (PT)

Sagra della Patata fritta

September/ Marliana (PT)

Sagra del Ballotto

October/ Marliana (PT)


February/ Monsummano Terme (PT)

Tra Poesia e Sapori

February-April/ Pistoia / Pistoia (PT)

Sagra del Neccio

March/ San Quirico di Pescia (PT)

Sagra della Frittella di Riso

March / Lupicciano (PT)

Piazza in Fiore

April/ P.zza Giusti / Monsummano Terme (PT)

Festa dell'Ambiente

 May/ Monsummano Terme (PT)


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