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Descent of the Three Kings. Where: La Lama and Lizzano

Parade of allegorical carts. Where: Massafra


Our Lady of Lourdes. Where: Pulsano


Matre festivities, rich dishes and celebration by this village of Albanian origins. Where: San Marzano


Easter festivities (Feste Pasquali) represent high emotional remembrance for the province of Taranto.

Famous auctions are held in the Church of Saint Domenico and in the Church of the Carmine. On Holy Thursday thousand of people gather to witness the procession of Our Lady of Sorrow which leaves from the Church of Saint Domenico; it takes place in the dark of night, while the Parade of the Mysteries, where sinister looking bearers, Ku Klus Klan like robes, carry the statue representing the Passion of Christ leaves from the Church of the Carmine on Good Friday. Where: Taranto


Festival of Patron Saint Cataldo, with sea procession with fireworks and open air band concerts. On the 8th the sea procession is followed by a spectacular fireworks cascade from the bastions and the Aragonese Castle. Pageant in period costumes re-enacting the wedding between Maria d?Enghien and Ladislas of Hungary. Food galore and free samples given out of typical local fish dishes Where: Taranto

Palio di Taranto: a regatta with crews dressed in medieval costumes. Where: Taranto


Festival of the Moustache, men with moustaches who come from all over Italy to participate. Where: Montemesola

Festival of the Itria Valley featuring the operas of the XVIII century. Where: Martina Franca


Handicraft and Ceramic Fair. Where: Castellaneta Marina, Grottaglie and Laterza

Tournament of the Healthy Wrist features an iron arm competition.

Where: Pulsano


Fish Festival. Where: Castellaneta Marina

Festa Stella Maris, protectress of fishermen. Magnificent and spectacular parade of the statue of the Madonna. The festivities include a Festival of Fish and of Mussels with free sampling of the seafood. Where: Taranto


Feast of Our Lady of the Star. Where: Palagiano

Wine Festival, with singolar wine spurts out from a fountain at the center of the city's main Piazza. Where: Carosino


Mushroom Hunt. Where: Crispiano

Agricultural Products Fair - features a wide variety of locally grown and produced foods and a competition for the best Mandarin Orange. Where: Palagiano


Rupestre nativity, a scene allegedly as one of the largest and most realistic in all of Italy. Where: Crispiano and Grottaglie



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