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Ferrara is situated in Emilia-Romagna, 50 km north-northeast of Bologna, on the Po di Volano (Po?s river).

Indeed the city of Ferrara retains the austere splendour of its Renaissance period with its broad streets and numerous palaces dating from the 14th century, when it hosted the court of the house of Este.

Under the Este Family rule the city became an intellectual and artistic centre that attracted the greatest minds of the Italian Renaissance, and has been considered since one of the most elegant urban creations of the period. Since it has been the residence of the Este dukes, a dynasty ranked as a major political force throughout Renaissance times.

Here, Piero della Francesca, Jacopo Bellini and Andrea Mantegna decorated the palaces of the House of Este, the Castello,.

Cultural activity also developed with poets like Ariosto e Tasso.

The town is still surrounded by more than 9 kilometres of ancient walls, built in the XV and XVI centuries and inside it ranked broad streets and numerous palaces dating from the XIV century.

Year 1492 was of great importance in relation of the development of a new urbanistic and architectural project, the Humanist concept of the ?ideal city. This was a project which marked the birth of modern town planning with new principle of perspective and influenced its subsequent development.

Modern times have brought a renewal of industrial activity, together with a key fruit-producting area.

Nowadays Ferrara is still glorified by its history and for its magnificent location, it remains a popular stop also for tourists traveling up from Bologna to Venice.



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