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The history of the area is indeed fused in the one of Rome and there are not certain historical records of the town itself.

What is known is that the town started to be inhabited around its castle?s towers built in the X century as a defence against the Saracens.

It was later acquired by the Vico?s family and afterwards it became a Papal possession.

In 1419 the Papacy transferred the power of the city to the Orsini?s family under which the region developed. The town became famous for its castle, the famous Castle of Orsini-Odescalchi.

The most important century for Bracciano has been the XV century, in particular year 1560 when the town saw the important marriage between the Orsini and the De Medici.

In this period the economy developed for the sulphur and iron industries, and the production of tapestries and paper.

The city further became a cultural center in Italy.

From 1696 the city started to decline when the power passed to the Odescalchi family, who is still the proprietor of the Castle.




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