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How to get to Agrigento                                 (Back to Agrigento main information page)

By Train
Frequent trains run to Palermo and Caltanissetta, less frequently to Enna (but not that useful - the station is about 5km below the town).

By Bus
Frequent buses run to Palermo, Caltanissetta, Catania, Sciacca and close(ish) to Eraclea Minoa. A few also run to Gela and Trapani via Mazara del Vallo, Marsala and Castelvetrano (for Selinunte).

By Boat
There are daily boats and hydrofoils in Summer (fewer, no hydrofoils in winter) from Agrigento's port 3km away - Porto Empedocle to the islands of Lampedua and Linosa. See SIREMAR and Ustica Lines. There are frequent local buses from Porto Empedocle into Agrigento.

By Car

From Catania
Take the freeway Palermo-Catania (A19) towards Palermo. Take the Caltanissetta exit and continue on the highway (SS640) following the signs to Agrigento. To reach the town, ignore the first sign to the center (Agrigento Centro) and stay on the same highway all the way to the turnaround. At the turnaround, take the first road to the right winding up to the temple (Tempio di Giunone) and crossing the upper area of the Valley. Follow the signs "Centro" towards the town center.
From Palermo
Take the highway Palermo-Agrigento (SS189) towards Agrigento. To reach the town, follow the signs "Centro" up to the bus terminal square (Piazzale Rosselli).
From Trapani/Castelvetrano and Sciacca
From the freeway (A29), take the Castelvetrano exit and the highway (SS 115) towards Agrigento. To get to the town center follow the signs "Centro".
From Ragusa and Gela
Take the highway (SS 115) towards Agrigento, and at the turnaround under the temple (Tempio di Giunone) follow the signs "Centro" to get to the town center.


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