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By car

A4 Venice-Trieste, toll-gate Monfalcone-Lisert, exit point "Sistiana" (SS 14 "Costiera" ). The town is 24 km from the motorway.
SS 202 Triestina: Motorway A4, toll-gate Lisert, Carso Plateau, Opicina, Padriciano, Trieste
SS 15 Via Flavia: Capodistria (Koper)- Rabuiese border
SS 58, Carnaiola highway: Ljubljana - Fernetti border - Opicina, where the highway joins to SS 202, Trieste
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By Train



By Plane

National flights via Milan, Rome and Genova. International flights via Milan and Rome (Alitalia); direct flights from Munich (Air Dolomiti - Lufthansa); direct flights from London (Ryanair); direct flights from Belgrado (Jat). Marco Polo airport-Venice is a 120 Km from Trieste.

The airport is linked with its teminal in the city centre (33 km) not far from the railway station by a shuttle service.
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