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By car 

Getting to Venice by car is easy: the directions to reach the city are clearly marked with road signs.

Motorway connections:

- the A4 from Trieste and from Turin

- the A27 from Belluno

- the A13 from Bologna

Road connections:

- state road ss309 Romea from the Adriatic coast

- state road ss14 from Trieste

- state road ss13 from Treviso

- state road ss11 from Padua

The only car access road to Venice is the Ponte della Libert?(4 km long). 

Parking areas in Venice are located in Piazzale Roma and Tronchetto.


By plane 


Venice?s airport is ?Marco Polo Airport?, located 12 km overland land and 10 km over water from Venice. The airport is well connected to the city by public transportation lines (water and land) and to the rail station in Mestre.

The slip road opened in 1991 connects the Marco Polo airport directly to the roadway network. The airport serves Veneto, Friuli Venezia Giulia and Trentino Alto Adige. Distances in kilometres:

25 Km from Treviso

32 Km from Padua

45 Km from Jesolo

65 Km from Vicenza


By sea:

Venice can be accessed by sea by entering into its harbour: the Port Channel of Lido and the Port Channel of Malamocco.


Currently there are three harbour entrances that give access to the lagoon of Venice:

the inlet of Chioggia allows access from the south

the inlet of Malamocco, located at the centre of the lagoon

the inlet of Lido allows access from the north

Passenger ships dock in the area of San Basilio where Venezia Terminal Passeggeri (VTP) is located. Private boats can dock at dockyards operated by local sailing organizations or private companies. 

There is not free circulation in the canals due to restrictions imposed by their inherent structure and by city regulations.


By Bus:


There are 3 parking lots accessible to buses:


  • Tronchetto
  • San Giuliano 
  • Fusina


The Tronchetto is easily reached by the Ponte della Libert? before Piazzale Roma. Venice can be reached by taking the public water transportation, ACTV line 82 to the heart of the city or by taking ACTV line 6/ by bus to Piazzale Roma. and

San Giuliano (operated by ASM) is located just a few km from Venice that can be reached to Piazzale Roma using the ACTV bus.

From Fusina Venice be reached by taking the ACTV public transportation, stopping at the "Zattere" nearby the Accademia bridge, Rialto or St. Mark's Square.

By Bike

Usually bicycles are not permitted in the lanes and squares but bike are allowed on the lagoon islands, Lido, Pellestrina, Sant'Erasmo, Marghera.

Mestre has a splendid cycle lane from near Mestre rail station to Venice-Piazzale Roma along the two pathways on the Ponte della Libert?

Usually during the summer period ACTV promote a special service called "Bicinbarca" through which visitors can reach the most beautiful places on the lagoon on bicycle. 

By Train

Venice has two rail stations: Venice-Mestre Rail Station which does not bring the visitor to Venice, but rather Mestre, mainland Venice and at the next stop of the train, after the cross of the lagoon, Santa Lucia Station in Venice.

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