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Now going to Italy has become more and more easier, prices are going down and more routes are open monthly  by low cost terrier such as Ryan Air, departing especially fron the main hub of London.

At the moment air travel within Italy is still expensive, making it a less-attractive option than travel by train or bus.  Sometimes it is cheaper to go from Rome to London than from Rome to Milan.  Buses are fast and reliable, whether they are traversing local routes linking small villages or zooming along autostrade between cities. They come into their own to reach destinations not serviced by the trains. State and private railways service the country and are generally simple, cheap and efficient. Ferries service Sicily from Naples, while Sardinia can be reached from Genoa, Livorno and Naples. If you want to see more of the country, renting a car is a great way of getting off the beaten track. Roads are generally good throughout the country, and there is an excellent network of freeways, although you do have to pay tolls.

Italy is a modern Nation with a good quality trasport network. Trains is a good cheap way to move around.

The rail service, called  Ferrovie dello Stato (FS), operates many different types of train. The fastest, most comfortable service is the costly Eurostar, also called Pendolino.  Seat reservations are compulsory on this train. On other types of train, such as the so called Intercity, reservations are optional and cost a small amount extra. It's worth paying in order to guarantee a seat. On the cheapest regional trains sometimes seat reservations aren't possible.

You can buy your ticket directly inside any train station in Italy, Also it is possibile to buy tickets from the automatic machines inside the stations. You can also go to the Ferrovie dello Stato web site and buy a ticket online, however you must be a resident in Italy to do so.

Remenber that in Italy you must always validate your ticket in the yellow stampimg machine on the platforms inside the train stations. There officers that can be quite nasty if they find you without a valid ticket.

To reach the small turistic place around Italy the best way is to use a bus. The bus network   works more efficiently than the train network and most of the time is on time. It is also ny far the cheapest solution. Remeber you have to ask for ?Stazione degli Autobus? while your are in Italy.


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