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  • Ancient popular bonfire called Buriel. City: the villages of Asola and Goito


  • The King's Speech. Also a gnocchi?s sagra. City: Mantova

  • Bigolada, on Ash Wednesday a great spaghetti festival takes place, served in ancient chamber pots. This takes the place of the usual Carnival celebration. City: Castel d'Ario


  • Easter is commemorated in historical costumes. City: Schivenoglia


  • Saint Bernardino. During this festival the residents celebrate his wisdom and goodness with parades, antique fairs, folklore demonstrations and fireworks. There is also a palio with competitive games (running, racing and athletic ability) for the preceding five days. City: the cities of Roncoferraro and Rodigo.


  • Rice Festival - this celebration exalts the offering of rice dishes. Also, rides are organized down the 'rice road' to show everyone the flooded countryside farms. City: Villimpenta

  • Feast of San Pietro and Paolo (Peter and Paul) - this celebration exalts a true Italian triumvirate: prosciutto (with melon), cantaloupe and Lambrusco wines. Inside the seventeenth century church hangs a painting of the town patron surrounded by melons. City: Viadana


  • Outdoor activities and exhibitions to celebrate the big river (the Po). City: Viadana

  • Big festival of the Patron Saint with lots of risotto (rice), sausages, polenta and fish. City: Governolo


  • Celebration of the Sacred and of the Profane - this festival lives up to its name as these two opposite sides of life meet up for three days of contrast and consummation. This fair is famous in importance and historical significance. One of the highlights of the festival (aside from the longest pork sausage in the world) is the international meeting of the Madonnari - who are pavement artists that come from every corner of the world to create their chalk images of faith on the sidewalks, piazzas and streets of the city center. There's great food, large markets, and the voices of the street vendors mingle with liturgies from the sanctuary, sacred music and romantic walks along the banks of the Mincio. Every year, thousands of people make the pilgrimage to the church of Grazie.City: Grazie di Curtatone

  • Live chess game with costumes that vary each year. City: Ponti sul Mincio


  • Grape festival with free grapes. City: Mantova

  • Festivaletteratura (literature?s festival), with reading, author discussions and open air bookshops.

  • Millenaria Livestock Exhibition - this massive 'State Fair'-type of festival has been repeated in continuity since the year 1640 when a brotherhood of friars built a 'trading post' next to their convent to promote the free barter of farm animals.. Enjoy live music, an abundance of food, plentiful wine tasting provided by local producers, exhibitions and demonstrations of farm machinery and equipment, booths selling farm and livestock related items. It's held at the fairgrounds (Fiera Millenaria). City: Gonzaga

  • Vivalpo Regatta - open to anyone with a rowing type boat. Is a non-competitive trip takes place on the Po River between this town and Castelmassa. Follow the trip along the banks by bike or on foot as well.City: Revere


  • Madonnari meeting (children paint any kind of subject on the ground). City: Piubega


  • Sagra della Madonna del Dosso - a patron saint festival of ancient origins (XVII century).The day is also called 'sagra della pollastrella' in honor of a special chicken-based dish that is served for the occasion. There are also banks of food and handicraft vendors and a fireworks display in the evening. City: Casalmoro


  • Little shepherd-girl torchlight parade with traditional songs. City: Canneto

  • S. Lucia is celebrated with stalls of presents and sweets City: Roncoferraro and Felonica

  • On Christmas Eve, the town people await the arrival of Santa Claus who, of course, arrives with his bag full of gifts for the children of the town. At exactly midnight, there is a live re-enactment of the Nativity Scene. City: Villimpenta



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