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The old part of the city is crammed with bars ; the best thing to do is head for one of the lively and glamorous central squares where the local ragazzi hang out - try Piazza Bellini, a focal point for the gay community, or Piazza Ges?Nuovo. Bear in mind though, that things don't really get going till at least 9pm. For nightclubs you may - due to the licensing laws - have to obtain a tesserino or membership card to gain entry, which will cost upwards of L20,000/10.33. For the best of the clubs head around the bay, ideally with your own transport, to the places situated in the beach areas north or south of the city; the Qui Napoli magazine has club listings.

For more highbrow culture there's the Teatro San Carlo, whose opera season runs from December to May, while the rest of the year is given over to classical concerts and ballet (box office Tues-Sun 10am-1pm & 4.30-6.30pm; tel 081.797.21.11). The Teatro Mercadante on Piazza Municipio (tel 081.551.3396; tickets from L27,000/13.94) is a stunning little eighteenth-century building, featuring the best of touring Italian theatre. Its long avant-garde tradition is upheld by Roberto de Simone, whose shows, such as the recent La Gatta Cerontala , are soaked in Neapolitan atmosphere.
La Mela , Via dei Mille 41. A legendary and long-established club with an exclusive clientele and a resident DJ. Dress up to get past the doorman. Thurs-Sun midnight-4am.

Madison Street , Via Sgambati 30c. A huge upmarket disco with themed events and a gay night on Saturdays. Open till late.

Michelemma Club , Via Campana 12, Pozzuoli (tel 081.526.9743). An out-of-town option that's definitely worth the trip; centred round a lemon and orange plantation, it features a vibrant dancefloor and a concert hall, as well as a handy pizzeria.

My Way , Via Cappella Vecchia 30c, off Piazza dei Martiri. A funky nightclub with a cave-like dancefloor which plays a range of music, from salsa to house. Oct-April Thurs-Sat 10pm-4am.

Notting Hill Gallery , Piazza Dante 88a. A non-mainstream club geared to Brit pop plus garage and drum 'n' bass, with live music on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Oct-May Tues-Sun 10.30pm-5am.

Otto Jazz Club , Piazzetta Cariati 23. A popular jazz club off Corso Vittorio Emanuele which also dips its toes into Neapolitan folk song. Has 200 cocktails on the menu. Daily 10pm-3am.

Velvet Underground , Via Cisterna dell'Olio 11. Plays an eclectic range of music including garage, and features live music by decent local bands. Oct-May 11pm-4am.

Virgilio Club , Via Lucrezio Caro 6, just below the Parco della Rimembranza, Posillipo. A fun and leafy outdoor disco that gets jam-packed on summer nights. June-Sept Sat 11pm-4am.



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