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The only way to really get around Naples and stay sane is to walk . Driving can be a nightmare, and to negotiate the narrow streets, hectic squares and racetrack boulevards on a moped or scooter takes years of training. In any case, not to walk would mean you'd miss a lot - Naples is the kind of place best appreciated from street level.

For longer journeys - and Naples is a big, spread-out city - there are a number of alternatives, both for the city itself and the bay as a whole. Public transport comes under the care of Azienda Napoletana Mobilit?(ANM). Its city buses are efficient, if crowded and slow, and are much the best way of making short hops across the city centre. The bus system is supplemented by the metropolitana , a small-scale underground network that crosses the city centre, stopping at about four stops between Piazza Garibaldi and Mergellina and runs eventually out to Pozzuoli and Solfatara in about half an hour; a new metro station at Piazza Dante will soon connect the city centre with V?ero and the hills. In addition, three funiculars scale the hill of the V?ero: one, the Funicolare di Chiaia, from Piazza Amedeo; another, the Funicolare Centrale, from the station at the bottom of Via Mattia, just off Via Toledo; and a third, the Funicolare di Montesanto, from the station on Piazza Montesanto. Another, the Funicolare di Mergellina, runs up the hill above Mergellina from Via Mergellina. Tickets for all ANM modes of transport cost a flat 0.77 and are available in advance from tabacchi , stations, or the transport booth on Piazza Garibaldi; an all-day ticket costs 2.32. Normal ANM tickets are valid for ninety minutes and allow any combination of bus or tram rides, plus unlimited trips within ninety minutes on an additional two means of transport - for example the metro, funicular (one trip only) or railway .

If you need to take a taxi - and you should realize that they can be interminably slow - make sure the driver switches on the meter when you start (they often don't); fares start at 2.07 for the initial journey - minimum fare 3.10. Note that journeys to and from the airport incur an extra charge of 2.58; trips after 10pm or before 7am cost an extra 2.07; and those on public holidays an extra 1.55; all of which gives plenty of scope for confusion, and even resident Neapolitans are wary of the stunts taxi drivers pull to get a higher fare. There are taxi ranks at the train station, on Piazza Dante and Piazza Trieste e Trento, or phone 081.556.4444 or 081.556.0202.

For solely out-of-town trips - around the bay in either direction - there are three more rail systems. The Circumvesuviana runs from its station on Corso Garibaldi right round the Bay of Naples about every thirty minutes, stopping everywhere, as far south as Sorrento, which it reaches in about an hour. The Ferrovia Cumana operates every ten minutes from its terminus station in Piazza Montesanto west to Pozzuoli and B?a. And the Circumflegrea line runs every twenty minutes, again from Piazza Montesanto, west to Cuma. Tickets are available at the stations, and are very reasonable.


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