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Perugia, in the Umbria?s region, dominates the Tiber Valley from a high, irregular and rough hill.

Indeed, Perugia is one of Italy best preserved medieval hill town, known also as a lively students town with a stream of cultural events. This rich artistic and cultural patrimony and the natural environment make Perugia a unique city of major importance, since its origins.

The main draw in the summer is Umbria Jazz, Italy's foremost jazz event.

The Universit?Italiana per Stranieri (the Italian University for Foreigners) is another plus. Set up by Mussolini to improve the image of Italy abroad, it is now run as a private concern and gives the town a welcome dash of style and an unexpectedly cosmopolitan flavour.

In Perugia one can sample many of the traditional Umbrian foods, products which come from all over the region, where every town and village has its own dish or particular version of a dish shared with other areas.


The Cuisine in Perugia includes foods or dishes associated with festivals celebrating agricultural cycles such as planting and the harvest or with religious festivities, including the so-called ?poor people?s? dishes, i.e. those based on legumes, vegetables, water and flour.

Famous specialities are the Ciaramicola, the Pinoccate, the Torciglione, the Torcolo di San Costanzo, the Torta al formaggio (Cheese Bread) and the Torta al testo.


Perugia is also home to the Etruscan Choco-hotel, the first hotel in the world to be entirely dedicated to the sweet temptation. Even the building is shaped like a gigantic bar of chocolate, with each square an individual room.


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