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Beside its rich historical monuments, the surrounding of Sarzana offers famous beaches and bays and on the mountains surrounding the town, a number of hikes and climbs can satisfy the most experienced mountain lover.

Marinella: Sarzana is not far from the sea; Marinella is located at the mouth of the Magra River and is a famous sea resort, it is usually very lively but also characterised by a relaxed atmosphere. In the last few decades it has become also known for the neighbouring archaeological site of Luni.

Falcinello: is situated on the top of a hill between Sarzana, Trebiano, Arcola and Vezzano. The core of the village dates from the X century; since its origins, the little town gravitated around Sarzana. Of great interest is the church of San Pabiano and Sebastiano (XVI century): located inside the castle, it hosts two paintings from Fiasella's school: the first portrays Saints Paiano and Sebastiano, while the second represents the Madonna del Rosario with San Domenico and Santa Caterina.


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