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Everything is easily walkable from the great central square of the Campo , which is built at the intersection of a configuration of hills that looks, on the map, like an upside-down Y. Each arm of the Y counts as one of the city's terzi , or thirds, and each has its principal thoroughfare, leading out from the Campo on elevated ridges: humdrum Banchi di Sotto in the Terzo di San Martino on the southeast; bustling, shop-lined Via di Citt?in the Terzo di Citt?on the southwest; and elegant Banchi di Sopra in the Terzo di Camollia on the north.
The central core of alleys - almost entirely medieval in plan and appearance, and closed to traffic - can get a little disorientating, and it's surprisingly easy to lose your fix on the Campo, masked as it is by high buildings. The huge Duomo (and attendant museums, including the unmissable Museo dell'Opera del Duomo and Santa Maria della Scala ) sits on a hill above Via di Citt? looking across the deep Fontebranda valley north to the equally huge church of San Domenico occupying its own hill; getting from one to the other involves a lot of stairs, or a big semi-circular detour in order to stay on a level.


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