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In the last couple of years, Siena's museum directors have grasped the nettle of customer service and, unlike Florence's disorganized shower, have come up with a full deck of excellent-value discounted museum passes . They're buyable at any of the participating museums, but all permit only a single entry to each place.

The cathedral authorities ( ) have two passes. One is valid for three days, giving entry to the Museo dell'Opera , the Baptistry and the Libreria Piccolomini for just 2.32. The other is a five-day pass for 6.71, which covers these three plus the Oratorio San Bernadino , the Museo Diocesiana and the church of Sant'Agostino. The Civic Museum Authorities have their own two-day pass for 8.78, which gives entry to the Museo Civico (but not the Torre del Mangia), Santa Maria della Scala and the Palazzo delle Papesse . Finally, there's the combined Siena Art Itinerary ticket, which is valid for seven days and gives entry to all nine places mentioned so far (minus the Torre del Mangia) for a bargain 14.98.

The Pinacoteca Nazionale is run by a separate body from all the above, and is not included on any of the passes.

It's now possible to book ahead for admission to any of the city's museums, by phone, fax or online through the Centro Servizi of the city council (tel 0577.226.238 or 0577.41.169, fax 0577.226.265, ). Queues are not as excessive as in Florence, so booking is not vital, but there is one perk - it knocks 0.52 off admission to Santa Maria della Scala.


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