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Lemon Festival in Sorrento


The Lemon Festival is now a recurrent event in the summer program of Massa Lubrense, a resort just a few kilometers from Sorrento located at the end of the Sorrento Peninsula.

Lemon growing began at the end of the 17th century in Massa Lubrense in a property belonging to the Jesuit College. The Jesuits created a full-fledged citrus farm with intensive cultivation called "Il Ges?quot;. Recently awarded EC IGP certification.

In the square of Massa Lubrense, the fruit is celebrated with typical products: citrus fruit honey, lemon cream ice-cream, water-ices, Caprese salad with lemon, tidbits, mousses and lemon bab?cake, limoncello liqueur. In addition, there are guided visits and walks to the farms that produce the precious fruit throughout the festival.

Various Jazz and classical music entertainment are held through the summer.

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