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The main sights around Brescia are Lago di Garda and the mountains of Val Trompia so easily accessible from the city, as well as Lago d'Iseo, known as the Franciacorta, a hilly wine-producing district, rising from the bland built-up lowlands, which got its name from the religious communities that lived there from the XI century onwards. These communities and their land were exempt from tax and known as the Corti Franche (free courts). Although the Franciacorta is no longer tax free, its wine continues to flow and is available from shops all over the region.

The Abbazia di Rodengo, just outside the village of the same name, has a sumptuously frescoed church, with some gorgeous stucco-work and a generous dash of trompe l'oeil. Interesting is the insight into the lives of the five monks who live here, their primitive kitchen, tatty library and silently austere corridors.





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