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Palermo is the principal city and administrative seat of the autonomous region of Sicily. The municipality has 687.855 inhabitants and an area of 15.888 hectares for a density population of 4.329 inhabitants per square km.
Situated on the edge of the Conca d'Oro (Golden Conch Shell), it rises on a flat area, 31 m above sea-level. Built on an inlet of the Mediterranean, is partly surrounded, to the south, by a semicircle of mountains and hills, of which the highest are Catalfano to the east, and Monte Pellegrino to the west.

It's worth making Palermo your first stop in Sicily as the city is important for being the island's main transport centre, boasting Sicily's greatest concentration of sights (it is 139 km. distant from Agrigento, 142 km. from Caltanissetta, 249 km. from Catania, 161 from Enna, 259 km. from Messina, 283 km. from Ragusa, 307 km. from Siracusa and 99 km. from Trapani).

Palermo is indeed a beautiful and fertile plain, Sicily's largest city and chief seaport. Manufactures include textiles, food products, chemicals, printed materials, and cement.
The city is rich in works of art as Byzantine, Arab, and Norman influence are combined in many buildings.



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