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Situated in the Alto Adige Valley on a 190 metre altitude, TRENTO is a quiet provincial centre that makes one of the best bases for exploring the region, being at the heart of great itineraries between the Lake Garda and the Dolomites and Venice-Verona and Bolzano-Innsbruck.

The city lies in a wide glacial valley and it is overshadowed by Monte Bondone, encircled by mountains and exuding a relaxed pace of life.

Geographically the town is very large and includes many suburbs like the industrial area of Gardolo and mountain villages with a total population of 110,142 inhabitants (the city itself being with 55,197 inhabitants).

The region enjoys the benefit of a special autonomy from the central Italian government and ranks one of the highest quality of life in Italy.

It is thrives on commerce, services and tourism as well as on a high quality of the agriculture industry and of the University research system.

Undoubtedly, the region owes its uniqueness to its position along the main communication route between Italy and North Europe.

To the tourist Trento offers interesting monuments and above all one of the most beautiful landscapes in Europe.

Trento is the ideal town for visiting museums and expositions, castles and sanctuaries, wine cellars and typical restaurants, and for archaeological, historical and naturalistic journey.

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