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Trieste, in north-eastern Italy, is located on a thin stretch of land which runs between the Adriatic Sea and the upland plains which border the former.

Municipal capital of the autonomous region of Friuli Venezia Giulia, it has more than 200,000 inhabitants.

Created in grand style by the Habsburgs to give Vienna access to the bright blue Adriatic Sea the City has a mysterious personality, given the ethnic mixture of its cultures, part Italian and part Slovenian.

For instance, Italian and Slovenian languages are considered as autochthonous to the region, while there are also some Croatian and German speaking minorities too.

Anchored to unforgettable history, it is today a border town par excellence, well renewed for literature and music and why not, for being constantly battered by the ?Bora?, an icy and powerful northeasterly wind, tolerated as an inevitable feature of the city.

The city shows numerous examples of Art Nouveau and Neoclassical architectures of Austrian influence and above all a splendid and suggestive coastline.

Most notably, James Joyce was a long-term resident.

In January 2005 a plaque was unveiled at San Saba, an old rice mill outside town, to commemorate the homosexuals murdered in World War II.



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