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Its geographic position at the intersection between major Alpine valleys offers indeed a fantastic, ecological and healthy holiday. In addition, Trento remains one of the principal communications links with Austria, Lake Garda, the Padana plain and the city of Venice.

The wine growing sector of the Trentino area is renowned for more than eighty different DOC wines, some of them being Chardonnay, Riesling, Sauvignon, Marzemino and the highly prized Teroldego.

Trento surroundings are known for the beautiful mounting landscapes being the destination of both summer and winter trips.

Highly suggested to the visitor is the following:

Excursions among flora, fauna and Dolomite landscapes: Nature walks in Viote hollow, on foot trying the Nordic walking technique otherwise by mountain bike. For the most well trained excursions to the Tre Cime (Three Peaks).

Rock climbing: Try climbing in complete safety on a natural wall accompanied by an expert.

A visit to the Alpine Botanical Garden:  An extraordinary open air museum of 10 hectares where over a thousand specimens of rare alpine plants are grown and nurtured.

A visit to the mountain dairies and the ?Honey hut:  Easy excursions looking out for rural mountain constructions and bees with their tasty honey.

The Star Terrace: A spectacular nocturnal journey with the help of telescopes.


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