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Early wake up under the sunny light, shower and get dressed. I look for a nice Italian breakfast with caffe latte and a creamy warm pasta (the cake no the spaghetti!).

I get in at a nice bar with a strong smell of coffee, really tempting.

I set in and take a deep breath: the air is clean, the sky a deep bright blue. People start the day by having breakfast in the bar (Colazione), and there is all around a nice chatting sound and maybe you can also hear chickens down on the countryside.


Just a few minutes away there is my school where I am practicing my Italian language and a bit of Italian Arts. I take note, ask questions, practice speaking, look around. It is really Italy I am in.


A one point "a break" comes and I am out in the sun, talking to friends and laugh.


When the class is dismissed, I head for the cafeteria to eat at the canteen (Mensa)

Then, outside to loll around.

The countryside is the stuff of Renaissance paintings. Fields are manicured; every bit of land is put to use; there are hills and little valleys all around; I am on a slope, and in the distance there's the profile of Italy's Apennines.

At sunset the watermelon sun sinks behind them.

Evening, a look to the mountains stuns me; it's the variety of colors: soft ones, contrast ones, blue and red ones, how can this exist!

A deep breath takes me to my room, where I put on nice clothes for going to town.

Everyone who loves living will be there: the locals, the occasional tourist, other students, the professors.

We all go there for a piazza-sitting, people-watching, coffee-sipping, talking, laughing, exchanging stories, ice-cream eating, strolling, reading newspapers, writing postcards, watching a bit of TV, trying out Italian, listening to Italian, we all feel giddy and secure in this environment.

Naturally, there's the craziness of scooters, with their loud exhausts, yet everything blends into a busy hum, like what you hear from a beehive if you get close.

Coffee-bar sitting is cheap, and you don't have to order if a friend's already bought something. Waiters come to welcome you, and they turn out to be friends when you keep on coming back. It's all very relaxed!

At 11p.m. you have a decision to make: home to rest or forward to the disco? The hardships of Italian life!!


Events and Festivals:


During the year, Urbino hosts several events linked to its artistic and cultural history: the city unveils its perfect mixture of history and novelties, a great blend between tradition and modernization.


  • Raku ceramic' festival

  • Ancient Music Festival - July.

  • Festa del Duca - a jamboree in honour of Duke Federico on the third Sunday in August.

  • Kite festival, Urbino

  • Sant'Angelo in Vado (near Urbino) - Mostra del tartufo bianco (white truffle)



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