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Urbino, in the Marche region, is a World Heritage site for its great cultural history during the Renaissance.

It is located on two hills at approximately 900 feet elevation between the Metauro and Foglia River valleys and situated due east of Florence, slightly south of San Marino, some thirty miles inland from the city of Pesaro and the Adriatic Sea. It is only three hours from Florence, Venice, and Bologna; Rome is five hours away; the beach at Pesaro a scant 45 minutes.

The city is small and picturesque, with architecture dating mainly from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.  

The climate is ideal for summer: days are warm and dry, skies are clear, and nights are cool. The inhabitants, the Urbinati , take full advantage of their pleasant evenings, and gather in their Piazze to chat with friends, or pass the time in an outdoor caff?i> to talk and do people watching.

Urbino is an ideal place for immersion into Italian life. It is sophisticated, open to foreigners, easy to explore, and relatively safe to wander in.

The city strongly promotes cultural understanding and in particular thanks to the University centre can also be considered a language and culture laboratory.

It was one of the most prestigious courts of Europe, one of its most cosmopolitan places, ruled by the remarkable Federico da Montefeltro, who employed some of the greatest artist and architects of the time to decorate the entire town.

The city is also known as the birthplace of the painter Raphael, whose native home is a Museum, and of the architect Bramante, who was chiefly responsible for the design and construction of St. Peter's Basilica in Rome.

The town has retained some of its picturesque medieval aspect and is a major university town being home to the University of Urbino founded in 1564.

Undoubtedly, Urbino remains one of the most important towns in the Marche and in Italy giving to the tourist a remarkable feeling of the great Italian art and history.


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