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Nightlife is varied, and genuinely goes on into the night, in contrast to Venice's late-evening shutdown. Music and theatre are the dominant art forms in the cultural life of Verona. In July and August an opera festival takes place in the Arena , always featuring a no-expense-spared production of Aida . To get the best (or last-minute) seats, call in at the office on via Dietro Anfiteatro 6b, which opens late on performance nights; if you can't make it in person you can now book by phone or online (tel 045.800.5151, ). Big rock events crop up on the Arena's calendar too. A season of ballet and of Shakespeare and other dramatists in Italian is the principal summer fare at the Teatro Romano . Some of the Teatro events are free; for the rest, cheapskates who don't mind inferior acoustics can park themselves on the steps going up the hill alongside the theatre. The box office at the Teatro Romano also sells tickets for the Arena and vice versa.

From October to May English-language films are shown every Tuesday at the Cinema Stimate in Piazza Cittadella. The disco scene is much more lively than in Venice, with venues coming and going; look in the local paper, L'Arena (there's a copy in every bar), to find out where they are and what days they're open. The Spettacoli section of L'Arena is the best source of up-to-date information on entertainment in Verona.


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